Our Story

Aiza and Bart Anderson (pictured here enjoying an ice cream break) are Lumpia Luv. Aiza is originally from the Philippines and although she has never been formally instructed on how to cook, her skills come naturally as she grew up surrounded by good food and great cooks. After trying Aiza’s cooking, Bart knew it was something special and worth sharing with everyone. He also realized some fun American flavors could be rolled into lumpia like bacon cheeseburger and mac n’ cheese. The couple decided to start a food trailer in the midst of the coronavirus shutdowns so they purchased an empty 6×10 cargo trailer and began construction in early 2021 and officially opened on August 6th of that year. Lumpia and beer go hand in hand so it’s no wonder you can often find their trailer parked in front of one of the many breweries in Bellingham. Besides the variety of lumpia, they also offer chicken adobo and shrimp pancit as well as some great specials like pork belly sisig and beef caldereta. Most importantly, Aiza and Bart are committed to serving great food that makes you smile!

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